Who we are

At SBS Insurance, we make sure to look after you, your family, and your stuff, and help you understand your options and your insurance cover. Our people believe in and are passionate about insurance and want to do the right thing by you. SBS Insurance is your one-stop shop for personal insurance and is licensed and supervised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

How we do things

With respect - We appreciate your business, understand everyone has different goals, and promise to use every-day, simple language.

With integrity - We want you to understand your cover. We'll take you through the fine print because we want you to have the right cover for your circumstances.

With an open door - We welcome your feedback. Where we can make a change for the better, we will. We're just a phone call away.

How we started

SBS Insurance started as a specialist life insurance company providing life and disability insurance exclusively to SBS Bank.

Our focus has always been on providing an advice-based service for our customers while keeping premiums as low as we can.

Demand for our services among SBS customers quickly grew and we formed partnerships to provide car, house, contents, and even boat insurance too.

Today, every New Zealander can access personal insurance through SBS Insurance directly, and benefit from our friendly advice-based service.